Comments for "Phrasing: Advanced Rudiments for Creative Drumming"

Here's a gratifying review for the book:


Hi Russ,

I spent a while working with the book today and I have a lot more to say about it now - all of it good! 

Ok, I'm only working on Lesson One, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a very valuable book for me.  Hell, it's already worth the money!  I was surprised how challenging Lesson One actually was, given that I work out of Syncopation fairly regularly, doing similar exercises.  What makes your book different and, for me, better, is the amount of instruction.  It seems to bridge the gap between the learned and the instinctive, so that (I hope) the time taken for the one to become the other is shortened.

I always have great difficulty just playing.  I read music well, I'm reasonably competent in terms of technique, and I understand about dynamics and accents.  But sitting down at my kit and grooving is frustratingly difficult for me.  I've always felt that somehow, I don't know where the notes and spaces go.  I'm getting better at it, and I think your book will help. 

I'm very glad you posted your thread, and that I sent for the book.  It's going to be my go-to for quite some time, I think.

Best wishes