"An Audience with Meow Meow" at Berkeley Rep. September 5 -

Starting September 5th, I'll be playing drums and percussion with "An Audience with Meow Meow" in the Roda Theater at Berkeley Rep. The play is directed by the great Emma Rice from Kneehigh Theater of Cornwall UK.

From the theater's site:

“Devilish funny bones and heavenly vocal chords!”—London Evening Standard
“Witness the birth of a new star…She is sensational.”—Times (UK)
“The voice alone is glorious in its range and texture. But combine it with carefully chosen songs, superb comic timing, improvisational wit, and some engaging audience participation, so cannily conducted that you suspect a degree in psychology, and you have an evening that demonstrates that Meow Meow really is the cat’s whiskers.”—London Guardian
“The term ‘kamikaze cabaret’ has been applied to the charming, shape-shifting diva Meow Meow…Her act celebrated a far-reaching cosmopolitanism that erases boundaries between cultures and languages…If you think of her changeability as a series of surprise attacks, the term kamikaze may apply after all.”—New York Times

I toured with another show from Kneehigh earlier this year: Tristan and Yseult. Fascinating company that includes the musicians as an integral part of the creative process. I'm excited to be on the ground floor of a production with Emma and her crew!