Kind Words from Croatia about Phrasing!


hello russ! you would like to know who am i.well,i am andrej" andy petko" petkovic, croatia( town split) percussionist and drummer.i am 58 years old,and play 45 years.i bought your book in small shop-hartman music in republic slovenia,ljubljana city.i colect books,and practice it.i PRACTICE your book EVERYday!!!...why ?because it is ONE OF THE BEST EDUCATIONAL BOOKS IN THE HISTORY OF DRUMMING!!!!! yes,yes...exercises opens brain,and cordination is better every helps in drumming,and REGULAR LIFE!!! every day i have better cordination,and feell like CAT...if you want watch my clips,simply write-andy petko on youtube,and thats it.....many,many thanks for your book!!!! P.S. why do you use pinstripe on toms? adios my friend,and good luck.